Its a Cold Earth Day

So, I Guess I’m Going to Find Out What It’s Like to be Gay

OK, here I am, stepping out of the closet….I’ve been considering coming out for sometime now, and, have confided in a number of my closer friends that I am finding it harder and harder to not say what I feel. However, like all of those before me who gathered up the courage to exit their closets, here I go.


Whew…..That part wasn’t as bad as I thought.

For those of you who don’t know, AGW stands for Anthropogenic (manmade) Global Warming. In other words, I don’t believe mankind is responsible for planetary warming in any significant excess of what is provided for by nature, and the sun in particular. Please note I use the word dis-“believer,” as opposed to AGW “believers” who “believe” in the theory of AGW due to CO2 increases (and, even the most staunch AGW “believers,” with a modicum of understanding of the science, have to admit it is, in fact, only a theory.)

Why am I coming out now? Well I’ve been recently inspired by Raffi, who said: We need a new lens and lexicon for conveying climate change as the greatest threat on Earth, a tragedy of epic proportions, especially for the world’s young. … It’s best addressed with systems change, beginning with belief systems learned very early. To cut pollution and GHG emissions for good, change personal belief systems. Start young.  To grow Earth stewards, steward the children and youth. This is where the restoration must focus–strategically and morally. Not only do kids get sustainability, they have the most to lose or gain.”

In other words, indoctrinate our children, and indoctrinate them as young as possible on the theory of AGW. Set the schools ablaze with the message.

Okay. Let’s start with what any intelligent person can agree with – global warming has been happening for the last 12,000 years, long before the use of fossil fuels significantly increased CO2 output in the latter part of the 20th Century.

120 centuries ago there was about a mile of ice over Salt Spring. Does that make global warming a good thing or a bad thing for Salt Spring Islanders?

And, is there strong evidence to suggest it was just as warm, or warmer, during the Medieval Warm Period as it is today?

Has the last decade, actually defied AGW computer modeling, and been on a cooling trend as the now infamous email containing the line “hide the decline” admitted?

Is there some kind of magical and wonderful, perfect, static world temperature answering the proverbial Goldilock’s conundrum/question – is the porridge/world too hot, too cold, or just right?

May I suggest there is no such thing as a “just right” climate for every living organism on this planet. Some like it hot and thrive, while others like it cold and thrive. Some die because it’s too warm, some die because it’s too cold. That is the basis of all evolution – survival of the fittest in the face of changing climate.

But here, for the AGW believers, is a sad fact – more people (who are the most adaptable creature on this planet when it comes to survival, with the possible exception of the cockroach), and therefore, likely more animals and plants, die each year from cold weather than warm weather. So, does that make warm weather better, or cold weather worse?

I mean wouldn’t it be just plain “fair” to all species to allow the planet to warm up until an equal number of organisms die of warm weather as cold weather?  I’m just kidding. We can’t let/make the planet warm up, or cool it down. That’s up to the sun silly, the source of all our heat…..and sorry for all the rhetorical questions above…but jeez…

Now, back to my reason for coming out. Like Raffi, I grew up in the Cold War era. I was old enough during the Cuban Missile crisis to be scared shitless of nuclear war. I would look out my bedroom window towards Vancouver and imagine seeing a blinding flash of light and a rising orange mushroom cloud, waiting for the roar and wondering how the shock wave would feel once it hit. My worst nightmares were of nuclear war, and, over forty years later, and twenty years after the Cold War ended, from time to time they still haunt my dreams.

Fear is the worst thing you can feed a child during their formative years.

And yet, with all the good intentions in the world, that is exactly what is now being fed to our children, by the gagging truckload, by well meaning AGW believers who proclaim they are the most concerned about our children’s well being. The fear this time isn’t limited nuclear war, but, the god-awful fire and brimstone of global warming, and the underlying associated guilt that virtually everything we do has a carbon footprint attached to it. At least the Cold War didn’t have transferable guilt associated with it.

This madness must begin to stop now. The greatest non-physical crime against children is scaring them with end-of-the-world, hellish scenarios. If you want to teach children something, teach them how to grow and provide food for those less fortunate, how to provide clean water and sanitation for the billions who don’t, how to not pollute or litter, how to help their fellow children….you know….do unto others….without the “you’ll burn in hell if you don’t” undertone, which is the original method most authoritative religions developed to scare children and keep their members in line.

I’ve just watched the video of Raffi’s anti-global warming song “Cool It”

The song’s spoken message is we need to cool the planet down (again, as if that were humanly possible).

The unspoken message to children is that the planet is burning up, because of what we, including them, do.  In that regard it expresses the “belief,” the theory of AGW, is not imaginary or theoretical, but, is real.

The graphic effect of the planet Earth burning up is shown, not once, not twice, but three times in the video. A child can come to only one conclusion – they are on the brink of their extinction. As Raffi says AGW is “the greatest threat on earth.” I would suggest there are in fact a couple of other, much more real, and not so theoretical “greatest threats,” not the least of which would be Kim Jong-Il.

And, because their parents have told them so, the children must feel guilty about their carbon footprint, including every toy they own, the food they eat, the house they live in, the clothes they wear, etc., etc., because virtually every manmade object, including food, is dependent upon releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. Quick, call the travel agency and book your kids a heavy guilt trip to hell.

With all due respect, the best way to “honour” our children is to respect the fact that they are, as Raffi points out, impressionable at a very young age, and not take advantage of them, or scare the bejesus out of them, or make them feel guilty for what theory “you,” as an adult, currently happen to “believe” in.

Think about it. I mean (and with apologies to the Pope) how “Catholic” is that?

There’s lots of time, when children are older, and less naive, for them to decide for themselves what they want to believe in. Until then, let them enjoy their childhood, promote the moral foundation inherent within them, hug them and tell them you love them, and that you will protect them from all harm. Tuck them into bed, kiss them goodnight, and then go out and protest CO2 emissions with your friends and co-believers, if you must.

And finally, contrary to what many on this island believe, including our leaders, the debate on AGW is not over. Saying it is, and refusing to even consider the possibility the theory may be wrong, is like a right-wing Christian saying,  “The debate on whether homosexuality is natural or not, is over, because there is a consensus, among us Christians, that being gay is ungodly.”

That analogy is similar to the rather ironic, recent public protest by Trustee George Ehring in the Driftwood over now famous satirical video, the Ehring Bunker. Trustee Ehring decried the use, in what was an obvious political satire, of anything resembling something which may be construed as offending the memory of Holocaust survivors.

And yet, what does Mr. Ehring call those who don’t believe in AGW?  Climate “deniers,” a term (used by AGW supporters to denounce and belittle dis-believers) which clearly is a reference to “holocaust deniers.”  Don’t do as I do, do as I say…

However, I am glad to say I was raised by my parents not to be too astounded by the double standards and hypocrisy of others.

I, along with thousands of scientists, including some of the most quoted ones who espouse their current belief in AGW, disagree with the current Trustees that “the debate is over.” Like any good scientific debate in mankind’s history, it’s always just getting started. And so-called “science,” which precludes debate, becomes nothing more than religious dogma.

As a good friend of mine told me, at any given time, true science is basically a string of theories by scientists asking/begging to be refuted by other scientists, in the pursuit of truth.

Religion on the other hand is based on belief, which is not to be questioned or debated, but accepted on faith as being true.

Thus it is that I look forward as the scientific debate on AGW continues, and the religious belief in AGW dwindles ,as indicated by recent polls.

Well, I’ve got to go now, and turn up the thermostat, because contrary to what Raffi sings – “The heat is all around” – it’s the middle of April and its frikken freezing in here.

Happy Cold Earth Day!

Eric Booth,

Global Warming Believer, Anthropogenic Global Warming Dis-Believer, Climate Change Realist

PS – Raffi, I know your intentions are of the highest ideals, and I don’t for a moment doubt that. However, I hope you will agree with me that the irrational emotions of fear and guilt need to be removed from the message to children.

Having just come out of the closet, I can tell you there is no global-warming monster in there. Please either stop telling kids there is, or, at least until they are old enough to properly understand your own fears on the subject. Hopefully, by then, this AGW nightmare will be over, and we can all wake up and get back to the real task at hand – making the planet a cleaner and healthier place for all, and for all the right reasons.

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” – John Lennon

PPS – Fact – Currently there are about as many people who believe in AGW as there are who believe in ghosts.

PPPS – If there is someone out there who would like to carry on a reasoned online debate on the science supporting AGW, I would love to debate them. Let’s start with the basics, so, please send your first volley supporting the theories that (a) CO2 levels are higher than they’ve ever been, or (b) increased CO2 has historically caused temperature increases (the Algorian theory as shown in the Inconvenient Truth).  After we’ve beaten those around the bush for awhile, we can move on to whether the last 100 years of temperatures on the planet are “unprecedented.”

PPPPS – (I’ve never used that many P’s before) In the meantime, do yourself a favour and spend 52 minutes watching this presentation by Professor Muller, a scientist who believes in CO2 global warming –

Then tell me the “debate” is over.


2 Responses to Its a Cold Earth Day

  1. getting poorer says:

    I believe that the ongoing nuclear meltdown will be the final nail in the green coffin. After a year of radiation emissions, Co2 emissions from our driving to the mall to get some milk will seem insignificant. We’ll just stop listening when they speak because the eco movement has no real power over the shit that really matters.

  2. mairimc2 says:

    Eric: Thank you so much for this informative and articulate article. Without you writing this article, I would have never known what Raffi was promoting. Rex Murphy wrote an article a few days ago in the National Post entitled “Excuse me sir, that cockroach has rights” with the opening sentence – “Does environmentalism rot the mind?” Well, I think Raffi has answered that question with a definite “yes!” I agree with you wholeheartedly to leave children out of fear-mongering about global warming and all other political topics – let them enjoy their childhood. Raffi needs to re-think his motives and stop this kind of promotion. Thank you again for enlightening me, not only on this issue but all the other informative blogs you contribute.

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