50 Million Climate Change Refugees Disappear!

In what can only be called an amazing turn of projected events, 50 million potential climate change refugees have evidently vanished into thin air, along with the official United Nations map showing where they were going to be:


I hope this is viewed as good news by AGW believers everywhere…but why do I have doubts they will be jumping up and down with joy?

Instead I project the “disappearance” will be seen as another tragedy of epic proportions for true believers everywhere…along the same lines as the “bad” news the Himalayan glaciers aren’t melting quite as fast as some members of the UN’s IPCC would like, or how “global” temperatures have been in decline for the last decade.

I am, however, looking forward to seeing how the “disappearance,” like the recent tsunami,  will eventually be blamed on AGW.

I mean really, how long does one have to keep saying the sky is falling before it actually falls? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that after years and years and years, Chicken Little is still waiting in antici………….pation.

Moral of the story? – Patience is a virtue when it comes to chickens, and those waiting for the weather to change to whatever they think is worse.

PS – Seems unseasonably cold out there again this morning. Is that good news, bad news, or just right news? I guess that depends upon who you ask – the weather half-empty, or the weather half-full, or the weather just right crowd. I’m going to go with my sense of feeling today – baby, it’s cold outside.


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