Secret Meetings – Why Disrespect for Trustees Continues to Grow

Another LTC “secret meeting” has been scheduled for today to discuss the new proposed Riparian Area law.

I say “secret” because unless you happened to drop by the Trust Office yesterday, or knew someone who had, you would not have known about it, and you would not be reading this post.

As a former Trustee, I find this to be outrageous. The “Special Meeting” proviso was never meant to be intentionally used to keep the public away from public meetings.

The Trust has an email “Meetings Notification Service” which states the following:

“Sign up now for our Local Trust Committee Meeting Notifications Service and receive meeting notifications about public hearings in your Local Trust Committee Area. We will send you an email with the meeting information once a meeting has been posted to our site, and a reminder seven days prior to the meeting, if you chose that option.”

What’s the good in signing up to the service if they are not going to inform you of meetings they don’t want you to attend? Your only choice is to drop by the Trust office every day to see if they have posted a “special meeting” for tomorrow.

This is outrageous behaviour from elected representatives. Imagine if the BC Liberals had special sittings of the Legislature and didn’t bother informing the NDP or the public. Would there be widespread public outrage? You can bet on it. It would be the major news story of the year.

On Salt Spring however, we are taught by supporters of the Trustees to be more respectful of the Trustees and to support them. This is now an entirely indefensible position.

Respect is a two way street, and Trustees who fail to ensure, or who intentionally  instruct staff not to ensure,  public meetings are properly advertised and made known to the public, do not deserve any respect.

I want to hear an argument from anyone who agrees with the LTC’s actions on this. And put your real name to the argument. Why am I betting no one will rise to defend this issue?


One Response to Secret Meetings – Why Disrespect for Trustees Continues to Grow

  1. Update – 11:55 AM – I’ve just been informed the Driftwood today, page 3, News Briefs, has the announcement of the 3 PM meeting today.

    Given that the vast majority of people won’t receive their Driftwood through the mail until after the meeting is over, it kind of underlines the ridiculousness of the whole affair don’t you think?

    Nothing like announcing an upcoming meeting that has already been held.

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