How Far Could RAR Go?

When you have a few minutes:

1. Check out the video at:    by the Citizens for Alliance for Property Rights in King County, just south of the border.

While you’re watching it, in your mind:

(a)  Exchange “May Valley Swamp” for the drainage ditch in front of, behind, or through your property,

(b) Exchange the costs associated with ditch and creek projects, with the potential cost of any restrictions or requirements imposed by the proposed RAR law.

2. Then, reread the proposed RAR law the Trustees are trying to ram through.

3. Then, given the degree to which the proposed law goes, ask yourself – could this actually happen here?

Just before you answer that question, revisit the Official Community Plan and reread the “Precautionary Principle” section inserted in 2008.

Not only could the kind of bureaucratic and government interference experienced by citizens a couple of hundred miles south of us happen here…it IS happening here.

Finally, if you currently have a drainage ditch on your property, ask yourself what will happen with it in 5 years from now when you can’t clean it out because it has been protected by a Streamside and Protection and Enhancement Area (SPEA)?

And, don’t believe for a moment this is not the direction we’re headed in.

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