Watch Your Nose Maxine

The Salt Spring Water Preservation’s Maxine Leichter evidently has no problem in ignoring facts or spreading mistruths in her quest to have the Riparian Areas law passed before anyone really knows what hit them.

Take for example the following quote from the Fall 2010 Water Preservation Society Newsletter: (see  –  Easily the longest URL I’ve seen in awhile)

“RAR regulations would provide protection within 30 metres of our lakes and the streams leading to them. Current SSI regulations only cover 10 metres around lakes and a few streams. Most SSI streams have no protection. RAR does not prohibit activity within these areas, but only requires that activities not harm fish habitat, including prevention of erosion into water bodies.” – Maxine Leichter

Excuse me, but:

1. Current SSI regulations cover 10 metres on either side of all major fish bearing streams on SSI (not just a “few”) of which there are over 20.  Look at Map 21  (see )

2. Contrary to Maxine’s claim, current SSI regulations cover 300 metres (not 10 metres) around Maxwell Lake

3. Contrary to Maxine’s claim, current SSI regulations cover 61 metres (not 10 metres) around other lakes.

4.  Contrary to Maxine’s claim, most SSI streams do have protection already.

5. Contrary to Maxine’s claim, if enacted, and according to Michele Jones, the only certified trainer of Qualified Environmental Professionals in BC, the proposed riparian law WILL prohibit activity likely within 10 metres of any major stream and within 2 – 5 metres of any ditch in the proposed riparian development permit area covering 60% of the island.

Please, don’t believe me without checking on the existing and proposed bylaws yourself, BUT, please don’t believe Maxine without doing the same.

My nose hasn’t grown a millimeter during the RAR debate, but, you may need the 30 metre measuring tape which George Ehring referred to last week to measure others’ facial protuberances these days.

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One Response to Watch Your Nose Maxine

  1. Kimberly Lineger says:

    You go Eric. Keep up the good work.

    What totally amazes me is that the Trust and their minions put this stuff out there not expecting to get caught in their web of misinformation and lies eventually.

    I always believed the easiest way to annoy the Trust (and its minions) was to use facts and logic… it escapes them completely.

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