Another Mountain to Climb and Fall Off Of

I read with interest in the Driftwood yesterday the start of another local business by two young (at least compared to me) island entrepreneurs with a dream. Mt. Maxwell

Their business, while bothering no one, and helping sustain the local economy, will undoubtedly soon garner the wrath of Islands Trust bylaw enforcement.

Their crime will be success. Repeat business. All of the things fledgling companies aspire to.

Instead of being embraced by the “leaders” of our community, and given a hearty pat on the back for being fine, upstanding citizens making their way in the world,  instead they will likely be reviled, their business shut down, possibly fined and/or taken to court if they put up resistance. Such is now the “rural” way of life.

After all, everyone now knows it is unacceptable on Salt Spring to be successful if you are a coffee roasting company. According to Trustee Ehring, it devalues the neighbours’ investment they have made in their quality of life, and who, as Trustee Torgrimson alluded to, could possibly be in favour of light industrial “sprawl”?

And so said all of “them.”

Has anyone else, besides me, had enough of their rubbish?

I wish good luck and God speed to Maxwell.

Unless things change this November, you’re going to need it, because if just one single person, neighbour, or competitor, complains, you’ll find yourselves sourcing out warehouses in Richmond.

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