Please Do the Right Thing….

The following email was sent to Sheila Malcolmson, Christine Torgrimson, George Ehring and Leah Hartley at 10:54 AM.

June 23, 2011

Trustee Sheila Malcolmson,
Chair Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee

Re – Public Hearing of proposed Bylaw 449 on June 25, 2011

Dear Sheila,

Given the events over the past few days, I am asking you to seriously consider my following suggestion regarding the Public Hearing now scheduled to reconvene at 10 AM Saturday morning.

Not being a Salt Spring Island resident you may be unaware that a Saturday here is quite different than on Gabriola. Saturday is one of the busiest days for most islanders.

My suggestion is that upon reconvening the Public Hearing at 10 AM Saturday morning, you announce the hearing will recess for lunch at 12 noon, reconvene at 1, recess at 4 for supper, and reconvene at 5 PM.

This will allow virtually everyone wishing to attend the opportunity to show up at 5 PM without the fear that if they don’t show up at 10 and stay for the rest of the day they will lose their opportunity to be heard after having shown up for this hearing TWICE already and having been turned away.

Under the circumstances and the inconveniences the public has already been subjected to, arguably because of poor planning, I am sure Salt Spring Islanders would be greatly appreciative.

While I understand you would likely have to wait to make the announcement upon reconvening the Public Hearing, you could announce today that you have heard this suggestion, like the idea as it may help to make amends of the inconveniences to the Public, will give it serious consideration and announce your decision on Saturday morning. In other words, you can let the public know you have heard and support the idea. If there is no procedural question of propriety by making such an announcement, it would then be up to you to decide whether to proceed with the idea or not.

I will be reading this letter to the public on my radio program this afternoon between 5 and 6:30. I would be happy to also read any response you have to it at the same time. Further, I would be happy to relay your reply via Salt Spring Community List (over 2,000 subscribers), Facebook connections, CFSI Radio public service announcements, email lists, etc. All you have to do is reply to me before 5 PM today via email.

My hope is that all members of the public who showed up on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons will be given ample and convenient opportunity to be heard on the most controversial issue on Salt Spring Island in 6 years.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Eric Booth

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