Education, Edification or Edict?

What a difference an exclamation mark makes!

Did you notice?!!

It’s four months to the election, but I guess it has already started!!!

So, what’s up with all the “!’s” you may be wondering!!!!

“A sentence ending in an exclamation mark is an actual exclamation (“Wow!”, “Boo!”), the imperative mood (“Stop!”), or intended to be astonishing or show astonishment.” – Wikipedia

So, what do you make of the following advertisement by the Islands Trust run in the July 20th edition of the Driftwood?

“What is Proposed Bylaw 448? A New Bylaw to Support Local Food Processing and Improve the Viability of Home-based Businesses!

Are we supposed to (a) show astonishment, or (b) say Wow or Boo, or (c) say Stop to the New, Proposed Bylaw?

What I found most interesting is that while this is a proposed bylaw of the “Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee,” their name is not mentioned once. Only the Islands Trust’s logo (surprisingly without the mercury bulb) is shown. To me this indicates yet again the disconnect between what the LTC is, and what the Islands Trust is.

The most amusing/amazing portion of the ad is the line that says, “The amendments also relax noise restrictions by removing the requirements that noise be less than 40db (about the volume of a whisper – 60db is the volume of normal conversation). Instead, the new regulations are less specific by saying that home based business should not create noise that is audible from outside the property boundaries.”

Translation? – No longer will even a whisper of business be acceptable. They are planning on increasing the noise requirements by relaxing restrictions. Better governmental, bureaucratic double-speak you couldn’t find anywhere on the planet.

So, how stupid is this proposal really? Are you ready? Normal breathing is 10 db.  20 db is the sound of rustling leaves or a mosquito. All three sounds would be considered “audible.” Under the proposed bylaw, if you could hear virtually anything from the home based business, it would technically be out of compliance.

Yes, the proposed bylaw is “less specific” and more draconian/ridiculous than ever! Keep it up Trustees!! Only 4 months to go!!!



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