Al Gore and Reality Check

As Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality hits the airwaves today, September 14th, I wonder if he will be showing the following slide….(the time line is from 2001 to 2009, CO2 is from Mauna Loa, IPCC computer modelling temperature and CO2 forecasts from 2001, actual temperatures from MSU Satellite.)

One Response to Al Gore and Reality Check

  1. Kol Ayre says:

    The science is all over the place. Global warming advocates have had to re-label the phenomenon Climate Change because the IPCC data no longer supports global warming. The mainstream thinking is that man is still responsible for the major part of that climate change but even that assumption is being challenged by scientists such as those at Cern. Their data supports the view that solar activity is the predominant trigger – see the recent article below referencing a recent paper in Nature.

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