Baby It’s Cold Outside – Because Its Cloudy

Fresh on the heels of my recent Islands Independent article, three new studies on Climate Change have hit the streets, bringing joy and good news to all (well maybe all but the “warmists”)

#1 – CERN

As many of my readers/listeners know, I came out of the closet a couple of months ago, announcing I was a manmade global warming disbeliever, slamming Raffi’s unnecessary scaring the bejesus out of small children on the subject at the same time. (see – )

It took quite some courage to do so on an island which has helped elect the first Green Party member of parliament, and believe me, I thought long and hard before I made the decision to come out.

My decision was based on reasoned conclusions after reading dozens of contrarian books on the subject, including the most convincing to me, titled “The Chilling Stars: A  New Theory of Climate Change,” written in 2007 by the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark.

In such a short retrospective period, and, much to my delight, two weeks ago (the day after I had submitted my article to II),  I marveled at what great timing my declaration was.

Allow me to expound on my joy.

Imagine being falsely accused of causing massive flooding, drought and/or being a mass murderer of thousands of people worldwide. Sounds like the attributes of a James Bond movie villain doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of the world’s top scientists, using the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, scientific equipment on the planet, prove your innocence, while identifying the real culprit?

Well, if your name happens to be CO2, I have good news for you. You stand accused of crimes against nature and humanity, in the curious case of the gradually warming planet Earth, but, your reputation and good name are on their way to being finally exonerated.

Scientists at the CERN research centre in Switzerland, arguably the most advanced scientific research facility in existence, have been conducting experiments for the past few years on the influence of cosmic rays on the earth’s atmosphere, cloud formation, and, its theoretical implications for the temperature variations of regional climate changes measured worldwide.

They have now published their findings in the prestigious, “peer-reviewed” science journal Nature. And, just for clarification, the peer-reviewed, published study was not conducted by a bunch of so-called “deniers” (or, as Al Gore recently suggested “deniers” be called, “racists,”) but, 63 of the world’s leading scientists, from 17 institutes in 9 countries in Europe and the USA.

In a nutshell their findings strongly suggest the real driver behind temperature changes, sea level fluctuations, and sea ice variations, is not CO2, but….wait for it….the sun, its interaction with galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation.

In other words, climate change, global warming and/or global cooling is linked to the ebb and flow of sunspot activity, its influence, via electromagnetic radiation, on the amount of cosmic rays which reach the earth, which, in turn, influence the formation, or lack thereof, of clouds, the quantity of which determine the amount of solar radiation reflected back into space and hence the temperature of various regions of the planet.

Less sunspot activity = more cosmic rays reaching the planet = more cloud formation = more cooling. More sunspot activity = less cosmic rays reaching the planet = less cloud formation = more warming.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of effect clouds have on cooling, or warming, it is estimated total manmade warming is about 1.6 watts per square metre. Imagine a 1.6 watt light bulb shining on 1 square metre, and that’s the amount. Clouds on the other hand are estimated to cool the earth by about 30 watts per square metre. This means if cloud cover was decreased by just 5% in any particular year, it would have the same effect as all of the estimated manmade warming. Conversely, if cloud cover increased by just 5%, it would negate all estimated manmade warming. Clouds therefore have a major effect on the world’s temperature.

So, what is the real thermostatic climate change control mechanism of the earth? In short? – “It’s the sun, stupid.”

The CERN experiment was based on the theory put forth by Svensmark, and, from all indications, that theory grows more convincing by the day. One of the most compelling arguments for the theory is the close correlation between historical temperatures and sunspot activity. Seeing those two factors on a graph, is ten times more convincing than the rather dubious relationship between CO2 and historical temperatures which actually indicates CO2 rises in response to temperature increases, not the other way around.

And it’s not just the CERN research creating a problem for the likes of Gore, or James Hansen of NASA, or Andrew Weaver at UVic,  etc.. They also now need to explain why sea levels, like presidential approval numbers and consumer confidence, have fallen. According to NASA, the oceans are down a quarter of an inch this year compared to 2010.

I can hear the howls of Anthropogenic Global Warmists already as Al Gore’s carbon trade stocks start to tumble…and, as the world wakes up to a new and better understanding of reality. CO2 will soon be off the hook, and can be set free to promote vegetation growth, making the world a greener place – hurray!! Driving your car will be seen as helping a tree grow, which in turn is producing oxygen for you. Children worldwide can sleep well tonight.

And all of this was just in time for September 14th  the Al Gore 24 hour propaganda event titled “24 Hours of Reality.” A press release promoting the event states, “The deniers may have millions of dollars to spend, but we have a powerful advantage. We have reality.”

Unfortunately, unless that reality includes the latest news from CERN, it is reality-lite.

It appears we can now stop wasting our collective breaths and time on the theoretical/mythical benefits of carbon footprint reductions and get down to the real problems facing humanity – lack of sufficient food, water, and sanitation for billions, and, adaptation to climate change. Solve those problems, and as already been proven, you automatically improve the human condition while decreasing population growth and moving towards sustainability.

For those who want to better understand the science behind the cosmic ray connection, visit the CERN site at  and watch the 2009 presentation on Cosmic rays and climate. This will give you the background on the basis of the groundbreaking research.

In my opinion, this latest announcement is perhaps the most important, small step for man in taking a much larger step for mankind in the 21st Century, and, should be heralded as such.

Everyone, including global warmists, should be elated and awed by the implications of cosmic events. Folks, we’re back to having to plan to cope with natural forces, completely outside of our control, as we have been since the beginning of civilized time.

And, from what I’ve read, winters over the next couple of decades could, on the whole, be more severe due to the observed reduction of sunspot activity.

#2 – Trenberth – Deep Sixer

The second study should bring peals of laughter as it reveals what can only be viewed as wishful thinking by one of the world’s most prominent pro-global warming scientists, Dr. Kevin Trenberth.

Dr. Trenberth, in the 2009, Climategate emails, was revealed to have written: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.. Our observing system is inadequate.”

The prime reason they couldn’t account for lack of warming (now for the past 10 years) is the CO2 theory says there must be additional heat being trapped somewhere, but they can’t find it. They’ve looked everywhere on the planet.

So, what is so funny about his latest study? It comes to the conclusion that the “missing heat” must be stored deep in the ocean. OK, but, did the study actually find heat stored in the ocean? No.

Start laugh track.

The conclusion Trenberth reached (while defying basic physics that heat rises in water),  that the missing heat is somehow magically trapped in the ocean, by unknown forces (aliens or Neptune maybe?), is based not on his “inadequate observation system,” but, instead on, wait for it….his non-existent observation system and computer modeling.

This is pathetic. Computer modeling creates conclusions based on its programming and data inputs. Create the right computer program, and you could show how the “missing heat” is stored in coconuts.

Garbage in = Garbage out.

This is the state of the art science on the AGW side?

Take a couple of minutes to read this critique of the study in the National Post –

#3 – Richard P. Allen – Come on down….

The third peer-reviewed study, by Mr. Richard P. Allen, (see article supports two previous papers (Lindzen and Choi, Spencer and Braswell), based on…wait for it….”more than adequate observation systems” that show a net negative temperature effect exhibited by clouds. Bottom line, all three of these particular studies show that, contrary to what the CO2 theorists say (CO2 creates warming due to increased greenhouse effect), as the earth warms, there are more clouds created, and, the net effect of the additional clouds is not the CO2 net warming which has been theorized (but couldn’t be found), but, in fact, net cooling.

This is the explanation for what has perplexed Trenberth, et al. (al of whom must now be seething) – there is no “missing heat” – the additional clouds have radiated it back into space.

AND, it also provides good support for the CERN experiment’s direction of study/theory on the connection between cloud formation and sunspot/cosmic ray activity. The dots, starting with the big bright one in the sky, followed by the tiny ones from space (cosmic rays), are starting to get connected.

In conclusion, any common sense individual would think all of these studies’ results will be greeted as great news to all the good, and well meaning, placard waving, “consensus” crying, doomsday scenarioists. But, why do I suspect that will not be the case? The cynical part of me says every scientist, TV-movie maker, politician and book of the month club author who has made their living on the back of the multi-billion dollar industry created by the trumped up charges against CO2, is going to be out of work soon. They will not go gentle into the good night…they will, as Dylan Thomas advised, rage. I can hardly wait…its going to be quite the debacle. Let the role reversal games begin! How long can it possibly take before the Algorian believers are declared members of the new “hot air” society?

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