Who’s Down With Big Business?

I had to laugh when I saw the following two images from:


Hypocrisy is evidently thick on both sides of Wall Street…these pictures speak volumes….




4 Responses to Who’s Down With Big Business?

  1. Donn Tarris says:

    Come on, the protesters are to wear what and use what technology to fight against the largest of the corporations, bankers and owned (as opposed to own) government?

    Every piece of clothing and every piece of technology has been touched by corporate greed and you know it. You also know what it is they’re fighting against, even if they themselves haven’t been able to define it yet, although I think they’re getting closer; they will refine their aims, I’m confident of that.

    It’s pretty petty to attack them for using computers and wearing clothing with logos on it. I’ve been doing most of my shopping at thrift stores for the past couple of decades, my closet has quite a number of corporate logos on it. That doesn’t mean that I support the performance of those same corporations. The protesters, especially the younger ones, have been brought up by parents, teachers, and media, all of which have unwittingly or knowingly pushed a competitive, economically darwinian, fake paradigm on them from day one – I guess they could be more true to the cause and show up for the protest naked and use smoke signals to communicate with. Fine, but they’re using the tools, and dressing in the clothes, that are pretty much the only ones available.

    There are serious problems that need addressing. Most middle class people won’t fight against corruption if that corruption results in them doing ok – they seem to be willing to look the other way and just stay quiet, count their money, take their holidays, buy another car or foreclosed property (formerly owned by one of their neighbours who lost a job due to illness or a factory closing)…

    I think I know you and I don’t think you’re really serious about finding that much hypocrisy in the protesters. Buying a company’s products and using them doesn’t mean that you would support immoral or corrupt methods being used by those same companies. Most common people have not been made aware of the extent that their purchases allow negative consequences for others. I’d say we give them a chance, then look at how they respond.

    Cheers, here’s hoping for fair success for all of us in our endeavours.

  2. Hi Donn –

    Sorry, I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough…I wasn’t commenting on the hypocrisy of those protesting big banks, as much as those, like McKibben, who are trying to turn the protest against Wall Street into a protest linking mythical Climate Change “coverup” with big business (as per his quote). That’s why I put this under the Climate category.

    I notice you didn’t use the word “climate,” so I’m assuming/hoping you misunderstood me due to my lack of clarity.


    PS – But, with regard to those Thrift Store corporate logoed clothes you mentioned. If you wear them, you’re advertising plain and simple. Rip out the label, and wear them inside out if you take exception to their message. Remember – the medium is the message…. 🙂

    PPS – Re – “Buying a company’s products and using them doesn’t mean that you would support immoral or corrupt methods being used by those same companies.” Yes, but, when you become aware of the methods, you either become part of the problem, or, rationalize away the perceived immorality, or, live with the hypocrisy of it all.

    Apple, a US company, has its products made in China…Apple is the #1 Corporation on the planet…Apple has over $175 billion in cash reserves…why? Because their products are made cheaper in China…While this may be bad news for American jobs, its certainly good news for Chinese jobs, and, Chinese workers, whose standard of living doesn’t approach ours, but has been improved by Apple’s presence….so, is Apple rotten to the core, or, should we be happy our purchases of Apple products have raised the standard of living of some Chinese folks….or, because this is a climate blog…is this terrible because increasing the standard of living in China creates additional greenhouse gases?

    I think its a win/win/win. We get cheap technology, they get an increase in standard of living, and plant life gets additional CO2 to grow faster in this naturally warmer world. 😉

    As one of the biggest Apple fans I know, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Donn Tarris says:

      I’m glad it’s a misunderstanding Eric. I do agree, and hope that the protesters don’t allow anyone else to take over their democratic work by simplifying to a single or limited demand – this wouldn’t be democracy, it would be hijacking, plain and simple.

      I wondered why it was under the climate category… I’m not a believer in taxing CO2, so very wary of any attempts to have the occupations pushing for anything to do with the climate change/warming movement. I’m all for controlling pollution, mainly by stopping it, not by monetizing it so it can be passed on for the consumer to pay for – although there is an argument there for the fact that the consumer doesn’t unpack everything they buy and dump that packaging back at the store of purchase…

      I’ll agree as well, let’s deface the logos on our thrift store clothing – I’ll pass that one on to all of the occupation sites, it’s a very good idea. As for the communication devices they’re using, they could deface the logos on those as well, but they really do have to use something to communicate with. Agreed as well, let’s make sure the that manufacturers we support through purchases do the right things.

      I was a fan of Apple for a number of years, up to the early 90s. From that period on I had the chance to work for several Apple resellers and eventually became an authorized sales rep myself. It’s through these experiences that I came to find out that Apple, as a corporation, couldn’t care less about customers or resellers following a sale. The people who follow them religiously are not dear to me, but I do try to help them with their problems. I myself am using a PC running the Apple OS for most of my projects, although the electronics company needs demand that I use Windows for CAD and CAM. I am getting very close to switching over to Ubuntu Linux on a PC for my email and web, plus variants of OpenOffice for word processing and spreadsheets. So, I’m not actually a very big fan of Apple, looks can be deceiving.

      My indoor plants take very kindly to my breathing out all the CO2 I can on them, they look much happier for it 🙂


  3. Donn Tarris says:

    I guess we can move any further Occupy xyz discussions to another blog and get this one back to dealing with the climate. It was a wonderful day out today!

    I would like “them” to stop the spraying in our skies, I’m sure it’s not a healthy activity and do not believe that it’s mere condensation. I do also hope that we can reduce our need for using so much gas and oil, in favour of much more expanded public transit (free) and alternate forms of power. Using electric will have its own detrimental side though, as we will have to deal with an increase in positive (bad) ions. We’ll need to all be burning many more beeswax candles to offset the increase in electric use. Passive solar seems pretty clean…


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