Conflict Discussion

The following is an edited (commercial free) copy of the October 14th Troublemakers, CFSI-FM, Radio Show, (courtesy CFSI-FM) featuring Eric Booth, Drew Clarke, and Paul Marcano.  The featured topic – Conflict of interest charges against Trustees George Ehring and Christine Togrimson and CRD Director Garth Hendren. (71 minutes)

Troublemakers October 14 2011

One Response to Conflict Discussion

  1. Paul Marcano says:

    awww. that’s so thoughtful of you Eric. But yea, you really provided some meat on the bones of this issue and I am sure islanders appreciate it, even given the cat-calls from the party faithful that this is some kind of ‘witch hunt’. You took valuable time to assemble the objective points of interest and concern and although it remains to be seen how the courts will consider ‘conflict of interest’ regarding non profit societies it will be good to get a ruling going forward into the next cycle of island politics. Keep up the good work, I can hardly fathom the hours it took to assemble the ‘facts’. Thanks

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