Phantom Phound

The mystery surrounding the existence of the  Salt Spring Island Housing Council Society has been solved.

The formal name of the Society has been confirmed as the “SSI Housing Council Society.”

Entire speculation on my part – when the founders requested the name – “Salt Spring Island Housing Council Society” – they would have been turned down due to the similarity between it and the “Salt Spring Island Community Housing and Land Trust Society.”

Solution? Use “SSI”

If my assumption is correct, it is likely inappropriate for anyone to use the term “Salt Spring Island Housing Council Society” to identify the “SSI Housing Council Society.”

Date of Incorporation – August 15, 2011.

The five founding Directors of the SSI Housing Council Society are:

1. Christine Torgrimson

2. Katherine Maryann Bird

3. David Hott (sic? – Holt?)

4. Charles Belknap

5. Thomas (Tom) Mitchell

Registered Office – 2161 Fulford-Ganges Road- J.G. Consulting


Update on Ready, Set, Build Workshop – No advertisement in yesterday’s Driftwood. When, or was, the Workshop, being coordinated by the SSI Housing Council Society, ever advertised?


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