SSI Housing Council Society Update

Update – I have been informed the three current Directors of the SSI Housing Council Society are:

1. Christine Torgrimson

2. George Ehring

3. Garth Hendren

Since it is impossible for a Society’s Board to be comprised of Directors who are not individuals, this means this new private society, which will survive the election, will have Ehring and Torgrimson and Hendren sitting as individuals, making decisions and lobbying the new Trustees and possibly a new CRD Director, for funding and/or changes to .

I have yet to obtain a copy of the Society’s bylaws and constitution, but will post them when received.


3 Responses to SSI Housing Council Society Update

  1. jeff goguen says:

    Audacity writ large. Unabashed. Even Bernie Madoff would have recognized the conflict.

  2. bix milix says:

    Please post the link to the Salt Spring Island Climate Action Council Society incorporation document as duly registered on April 20, 2011.

  3. Paul Marcano says:

    That is a very tidy little template they have come up with, too bad such good intentioned causes have been mired in such obvious conflict of interest.

    One of the things that truly demonstrates a worthy cause is when groups go out and field-test their ideas in the public forum, like the conservancy does when they gather massive community support and donations legitimately. Here I think we are seeing a coziness between creators of pet projects and funders of pet projects that completely demonstrate that very suspicious closed-looped system we all abhor in our local politics.

    No!, NOT GOOD! and listening to our politicians gush as spokespersons in their radio ads does nothing to endear us to their causes. Seems so in-your-face, self-rightous you want to wretch… but then that is obviously their intention to further emphasize their entitlement and divine rights.

    I don’t buy it.

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