No Laughing Matter

Mind Control – Candidates for the Goebbel Prize?

As the public’s belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming wanes, a massive worldwide propaganda campaign, which the 20th Century father of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would be proud of, is now in full swing.

This post is meant to give you a brief idea of how far alarmists are prepared to go to do what they do best – alarm you.

“An Inconvenient Truth,” by Al Gore, et al, is the grand-daddy of them all. In October 2007, the High Court of London ruled that there were “nine significant errors” in the film and decided that the film’s “apocalyptic vision” was “politically partisan and not an impartial analysis of the science of climate change,” according to The Times (UK). The High Court also ruled the film should not be shown to school children unless the errors were explained to the children before they watched the film.

Alarmists conveniently forget those truths, in favour of continuing to honour Al Gore as their saviour. I have never heard any alarmist EVER correct even one of the lies. But then again, its not really about “science” is it?

Al Gore: “I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are….” Grist Magazine (May 9, 2006)

So, grab your Kleenex, and let’s continue with a video (sponsored by a company named Quercus, which I believe produces software) depicting a monkey, a kangaroo and a polar bear committing suicide in the aftermath of catastrophic global warming:

I guess lemmings have been overused….

Next comes one of my favourites, the “10:10” video. 10:10 is an organization started in the United Kingdom “to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now.” Evidently fear is one of their methods of uniting us all.

So, I guess that not everyone is going to end up being united. Some are destined for being blown up for their beliefs.

And here’s Raffi’s Cool It video, depicting the world burning up due to global warming.

Just before you start watching, here’s a little background on the effect this kind of propaganda is having on our children. A telephone survey conducted among a national sample of 500 PRE-TEENS comprising 250 males and 250 females 6 to 11 years of age, living in private households in the continental United States found that “one out of three children ages 6–11 years old fear that the planet won’t exist when they grow up and more than half (56%) believe that the Earth will not be as good a place to live…Minority children worried the most—with 75% of Black children and 65% of Hispanic children fearing the planet was going to deteriorate before they grow up…67% of girls ages 9–11 versus 60% of boys ages 9–11 worry that the earth won’t be a good place to live when they are grown up…Girls aged 6–8 are more “worried” than boys (57% vs. 43%) in the same age group.’

Come on kids, I know you’re only 6 years old, but suck it up, because, according to some well meaning adults, this is your new reality:

The next one is perhaps the most horrific, despicable example of how low alarmists are prepared to stoop to purposefully scare/indoctrinate children. This video was being broadcast on the BBC.

This next one, shown at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009, reminds me of some of my own nuclear childhood nightmares from the early 1960’s (which I admit still sometimes recur). Although I had to laugh at the “Michael Mann look alike” playing the father (was that really intentional?):

And, because it’s Christmas let’s not forget this one which states “The North Pole will be gone before Christmas.”

David Suzuki this year has followed up on this theme lying through his teeth that he is reporting “live from the North Pole…” and that Santa has to move, so send David money so his organization can help Santa. What the hell is next?

The last video nicely sums up the insensitivity of Suzuki, et al.

Joel Rogers of Apollo Alliance and COWS, also a member of Emerald Cities talks about global warming and how to not only scare children into becoming activists for the Global Warming cause but how to indoctrinate them for a lifetime.

Listen to the laughter…yeah, let’s suck in the kids…they’re stupid and malleable…now is the best time to politicize them.

And lastly, for all of you who may think the above videos aren’t really propaganda vehicles, or specifically designed to modify/change behaviour, I direct you to the Garrison Institute’s website. (Sorry, no video, just boring mind control stuff):

Climate, Mind and Behaviour (CMB)

CMB/NRDC “Behavioral Wedge
CMB envisions a “behavioral wedge” empowering people to eliminate a gigaton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by simply changing our behavior now before regulatory, investment and other strategies take hold. In collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Garrison Institute is working to research, verify and disseminate practices individuals can use right now to reach one gigaton of GHG reductions. The Institute is working neuro-, behavioral and social scientists as well as movement and thought leaders in the CMB network on generating and disseminating behavior change strategies.

This kind of think tank will undoubtedly result in more scary videos, over exaggerating climate, in the hope people will look to their emotions for solutions.  Demonize the deniers and disbelievers, scare the kids and either ignore any science which is contrary to the CO2 theory or condemn it as heresy.

Yes, the discussion has moved far beyond science. In alarmists’ minds the debate is over, and its now time to indoctrinate with full force. Meanwhile, skeptics (those who are still asking questions of climate science) are denounced for asking questions or raising doubts. Asking questions and raising doubts is the basis of scientific reasoning. Without them, we will be lost to another kind of inquisition….

”No one expects the Global Warming Inquisition! Our chief weapon is impending catastrophe… impending catastrophe and fear. Our two weapons are fear and impending catastrophe,,,,and a ruthless over exaggeration of the situation….Amongst our weaponry are fear, impending catastrophe, a ruthless over exaggeration of the situation….and an almost fanatical devotion to Al Gore!”

If only it were as funny as Python…

2 Responses to No Laughing Matter

  1. Just when you thought, how could any of this get stupider, comes this reported on The Daily Bayonet:

    “Pupils at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, were forced to grip their pens through thick gloves and wear their coats and hats in class as temperatures dropped to 1C. The school’s headmaster, Rob Benzie, shut down the radiators as an experiment to show students how the school could cut its carbon footprint. …headteacher Mr Benzie, 52, defended the day, saying it was ‘a success.’ ‘We turned off the heating as an experiment to see if we can lower our carbon footprint,’ he said. ‘We allowed pupils to wear as many jumpers as they liked and everyone seemed to be happy enough although it did get pretty chilly. ‘We gave letters to pupils to take home to their parents informing them about the eco day. ‘We only had one complaint and that came from a member of staff but they just got on with it in the end.’

    Freezing children, while they are trying to learn, to teach them a lesson in what? Catastrophic global warming, or, just how easy it apparently is for stupid people to become head masters in England?

    Maybe during the summer school season, Mr. Benzie will force the kids to wear their hats and coats and mittens at 30C. That would really teach the little bastards a thing or two about catastrophic global warming….

    Exactly when do these kind of lessons become child abuse? And, if none of the above videos are, in your opinion, abusive, just how far are you prepared to go? Which brings us back to the inquisition doesn’t it, or, perhaps this:

  2. ….and how could I have missed this one….move over Chicken Little….

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