Att- a-wap-is-kat

Thought I should learn how to pronounce it before talking about it.

With the political furor that has been happening over this band of 2,000, perhaps a comparison with Salt Spring will help to give a little better understanding to the situation.

The following stats are from the video linked below.

Attawapiskat   *   Salt Spring

2,000     *      10,000

Annual federal grant $34 million    *   $0

Icerink        *        no ice rink

Zambonie    *     no zambonie

19 paid Band councillors     *    no paid councillors

3 Chiefs        *       2 Trustees and CRD Director

$500k/yr for housing       *         $250k/yr housing (CRD)

Annual budget $34 million     *      “Considerably” less

Annual economic contribution  from a diamond mine 9 km away – $49 million      *        $0

A few additional comments – One would hope Charlie Angus,  the NDP MP for 7 years, would have been aware of the state of housing for some time.

With an annual budget of $34 million/year and 22 paid Band members for a population of 2,000, take a guess as to why an independent auditor would (a) be sent by those sending the band half of the $34 m/year, and (b) be kicked off the reservation by the Chief?

What you don’t hear in the MSM

3 Responses to Attawapiskat

  1. Further to the above, read the following article and ask yourself if this sounds like it is written by someone who has been the Band’s MP for the past 7 years? To me it sounds like he never heard of this group of his constituents until recently, let alone the condition of the situation…sorry, but this is such unmitigated politically spun BS…I mean bull shit…Angus should be ashamed of himself…

  2. feet to the fire says:

    $34million/2000=17000, not 70000

    Besides $34million isn’t the fed’s contribution. The feds send about $17million each year, 8500 per person. To compare, the province of BC spends 6000/person/year on just health & education. There’s money wasted on the reserve but its nothing like you make out.

    Click to access 2011-Consolidated-Finanacial-Statements.pdf

    Click to access F&Ereview11.pdf

    P.S. Of course Charlie Angus is a grandstanding dick. No different than most MP’s.

  3. Thanks, I stand corrected and apologize. The “Federal Grant” (Indian and Northern Affairs) is $17m, and the Province of Ontario, Welfare, Casino, Contracting and User Fees, Trust Distributions, Canada Mortgage and Housing, etc. contributions are another $17.2m, for the $34m total Revenue.

    When I examined the Financial Statements, I note there was an annual surplus in 2011 of $3m, with a $60m “Accumulated Surplus” made up of “Tangible Assets” (such as the hockey rink and zambonie)

    The Band also has $160k in stock investment (Sunlife). If they cashed that in, that alone should provide enough improvements to the members living conditions who are evidently at the bottom of the rung. (You can bet the Chiefs aren’t living without insulation). I don’t know how the Band distributes monies (e.g. Councillors salaries, housing funds, etc.), but, unless I’m mistaken, its like a large family isn’t it? No one “owns” land or houses, all of the capital assets belong to the Band, which are shown as Tangible Assets.

    I think perhaps this is the question the Canadian Government wants an answer to – where is the money going, and why is it only going to some of the members of the Band? Of course the administrators (Chiefs) don’t want that door opened by an independent auditor. Especially now that the whole situation is under so much scrutiny.

    My bet is the government is going to follow this one through and expose what is really going on there.

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