Would the Real Robocall Victims Please Stand Up?

First, I want to say I denounce any scheme to mislead voters…period.

Having said that, I want to know where the real “victims” of the Robocall Scandal are, if there are any. And what I mean by that is this – while there have been thousands of reports of these calls, I am not aware of one single person receiving these calls who did not actually vote for the party of their free choice.

One of the beauties of elections in Canada is that we register all voters who show up at polls in order to ensure there is a paper trail which can be used to determine if someone has voted twice, or in this case, once.

Therefore, I would like to hear from anyone who didn’t vote in the federal election because of the Robocalls. A quick cross check of their names by Elections Canada can easily verify as to whether they did or didn’t. If they didn’t vote, then perhaps they have a “real” case.

However, I cannot believe there are more than a handful of people across Canada who, as a result of having received a Robocall (a) didn’t vote, or (b) voted for a different party as a result of the call.

So, calling all Real Robocall Victims (RRV’s), please stand up, be counted, and be verified that you didn’t vote in the last election.

If there are insignificant numbers of RRV’s (which is what I suspect), then this scandal is really just an unsavoury and despicable one, as opposed to one which would either necessitate another election, or, invalidate the results of some ridings.

I look forward to hearing from all RRV’s, and, will post their comments.

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