Transparency of First Nations Finances? Good Idea or Bad?

Amid the rather constant drone of drumming, and political back-flipping, Chief Spence has managed for the moment to sidestep the Attawapiskat audit completed in August 2012, and the questions raised of her band’s financial management.

At the same time, the Harper Government has been criticized by some over Bill C-27

Any corrupt FN’s band leader, for I understand there are a few in Canada, (which even FN leaders admit), should be extremely concerned over Bill C-27, – “An Act to enhance the financial accountability and transparency of First Nations”

However, I see no reason for any accountable FN’s leaders to have a problem with the Bill.

What I didn’t know before researching the issue was that FN’s leaders weren’t required to allow their band members to know how much they were getting paid. Huh?

Take a few moments and read through it, it isn’t all that long.

Here’s one section

7. (1) A First Nation must, on the request of any of its members, provide the member with copies of any of the following documents:

(a) its audited consolidated financial statements;

(b) the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses;

(c) the auditor’s written report respecting the consolidated financial statements; and

(d) the auditor’s report or the review engagement report, as the case may be, respecting the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses.

I’d love to hear your comments either as to why you think this is a terrible bill, or one that seems quite reasonable and should be of benefit to all FN’s peoples, with the possible exception of leaders like Spence.

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