I’ve Been Rarred!


As I predicted and warned islanders a few years ago the madness/insanity of the Local Trust Committee’s approach to complying with the provincial government’s RAR policy directive is coming home to roost.

It will cost the Scanlons (see Driftwood article below) several thousand dollars of bureaucratic hocus pocus mumbo jumbo and approvals to install a water line to their property. I encourage anyone to take a look at the ridiculousness of this sad story, where the Scanlons can’t install a 1″ waterline without a Development Permit.


The ditch in question was reported by Kathy Reimer as:

(a) being non-fish bearing,

(b) having barriers;

(c) seasonal; and

(d) poor habitat

(see extract of her report below)

What possible harm could be done by the installation of a water line, in the middle of summer, when the ditch is dry?

The non-existent fish evidently now have more rights that real human beings.

Common sense is on life support on this island…



Broadwell RAR