The Sky Isn’t Falling Just Because November Rain Isn’t

The article in Driftwood’s December 4, 2019 issue (see below) would have the average reader alarmed…OMG it has stopped raining on Salt Spring and St. Mary Lake is really low!!

IMO, this just one more example of fear being used to manipulate the masses on the water issue.

First, here’s the article:

Driftwood NSSWD article December 4, 2019

So, let’s look at St. Mary Lake levels as of November 29th:

St. Mary Lake Water Levels November 2019

The first thing you’ll note is they are at the same level as last year (2018) at the same time, and, up until the middle of November, had been higher than 2009, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Now, lets look at the precipitation for this year:

November 2019 St. Mary Precipitation

You’ll note we had more rain in September than the 5 previous years, and nearly twice as much rainfall than the 1981-2010 climate normal average. October was above “normal.”

Here’s the precipitation at St. Mary over the past 43 years:

Precipitation 1976-2018So, November this year was significantly below “normal,” but, does anyone truly believe, given the current lake level, and the likelihood of more rain in the next five months, that lake levels are concerning at this point in time?

I see the article as just another exaggeration in a series of exaggerations intended to make people believe we are in a crisis.

Now, take a look at this historic perspective of St. Mary Lake levels and ask the question, why on earth did NSSWD remove the beaver dam in 2006, and thereby reduce the volume of the lake in summer months by about 80-90,000,000 gallons? Unless you’ve been following this blog, you likely have never seen this analysis. (Data source – NSSWD)

Lake Levels Before and After

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