Disgrace of the Commons -Open Letter to CRD Director Gary Holman

Centennial Park, along with the Boardwalk, including the walkway around Gasoline Alley, has become a dog park, where smoking, drinking, vaping, swearing, pot/crack smoking, heroin injection, littering, and partying into the night are all too common events.

Centennial Park is supposedly the jewel of Ganges, where the world renowned Saturday Market attracts off-islanders.

It should be a place where families and children should be able to relax and play without being assaulted by the aforementioned activities.

The CRD is the authority over all of the areas (including the right of way around Gasoline Alley) and, has bylaws in place which are not being enforced.

The situation is not getting better. It is has not levelled out. It is getting worse.

Every business owner in the area is being affected.

It is time for our CRD Director, Gary Holman, and/or PARC, both of whom have the authority to have the bylaws enforced to act.

The park itself in the middle of summer is a disgrace as it has turns into a dust bowl due to not being watered, while the CRD pumps out 115,000 gallons of near drinkable water each and every into the harbor.

As I write this, the playground equipment is being replaced. It is time for the CRD to take the park back and gently move those who are abusing the space on to somewhere else – e.g. Peace Park seems like a reasonable compromise.

Mr. Holman, you’ve been dead set against incorporation for the past 20 years. Great. You won two years ago. Now FFS take responsibility for being the singular representative who can actually do something about this.

Come up with a plan, enact it, and do the job the community elected you to do.

The existing situation is a disgrace which is remediable. Remedy it.



One Response to Disgrace of the Commons -Open Letter to CRD Director Gary Holman

  1. Rachel Vadeboncoeur says:

    totally agree with you Eric

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