Banking Our Most Important Resource – Water

Water drop

I recently posted a bit of a tongue-in-cheek “rainwater collection/graywater recycling” graphic .

However, that elicited a comment on Facebook that we should just store rainwater in the ground.

That made we ask myself the question – Is anyone doing that proactively, as opposed to passively?

One quick Google search later, I found this:

How We Can Bank Water Underground For Use Later On.

Now, take a look at the latest lake level data January 28, 2020 Lake Levels

Typically, from the beginning of December through to the beginning of May, millions of gallons of fresh water flow out of the two lakes and into the ocean.

So, drill some groundwater wells near St. Mary and Lake Maxwell, and pump water into the underground aquifer for 5 months, and then reverse the flow when/if water is needed in the Summer and pump water back into the lake.

Given no treatment would be required, total cost could easily be under a few hundred thousand dollars.

Now, THAT would be real water conservation, making the most of a controllable resource. Stop turning good fresh water into unusable salt water.




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