Is Sweet 5G a Deadly Connection?


There is a lot of speculation out there right now about 5G and Covid19.

When I asked myself what could the connection be between the two I was stumped…why would only certain people get sick with Covid19, while others with the virus be symptom free within a 5G range?

A few days ago I watched an interview with Dr. Stephen Smith who has shown a rather disturbing connection between those who are either pre-diabetic, diabetic or obese, and the severity of Covid19.

This morning, over coffee with friends (at a safe distance), the question arose – could there be a connection between 5G and diabetes?

So, I went down that rabbit hole, and found there is hard, scientific evidence that wireless radiation elevates blood glucose in rats and humans.

The following 6 studies are by no means a comprehensive list of studies linking blood sugar increases to EMF.


Is this a possible connection to 5G rollout?

I don’t know…but, there is an apparent cause and effect here between EMF and elevated blood sugar, and also blood sugar and Covid19.

From – April 2, 2020 –

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition that causes high blood sugar levels. In general, infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are more serious in people with diabetes.

One reason for this is that the immune system does not work as well in people with diabetes, which makes it harder for their body to fight the virus. Also, the novel coronavirus “may thrive in an environment of elevated blood glucose.”

Diabetes also keeps the body in a low-level state of inflammation, which makes its healing response to any infection slower.

High blood sugar levels combined with a persistent state of inflammation makes it much more difficult for people with diabetes to recover from illnesses such as COVID-19.

Anyone with diabetes who notices symptoms of COVID-19 should speak to their doctor as soon as possible.”

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