More Sweet News About Hydroxycholorquine

From the Journal of Diabetes Research, this systematic review study was submitted in August 2019 and recently published this February.

It shows a positive effect from the use of hydroxychloroquine on insulin and thereby, the reduction of hyperglycemia in diabetics, which has now been linked (at least preliminarily) to Covid19 severity of symptoms.

“Among the included clinical studies (six randomized control trials, five observational studies, and four cohort studies), about 55,776 study participants were involved. Most of these studies showed significant improvement of lipid profile and insulin levels and substantial diminution of hemoglobin A1c, fasting plasma glucose, and postprandial blood glucose levels. “

This paper describes the possible mechanism of HCQ.

This is likely the mechanism which is why HCQ is now being touted as the drug of choice in the treatment of Covid19.


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