Proposed Salt Spring Island Animal Control Leash Law Amendment

March 15, 2020

CRD Director Gary Holman

Hi Gary

As you are aware, the dog situation in Ganges has become a nightmare for many, including those trying to walk with small dogs on leashes through packs of unleashed dogs.

The current CRD Bylaw does not require dogs to be on leash, only under “direct control” which is not defined, and, effectively means if an owner of an unleashed dog says, “Fido come here,” and the dog obeys, it could be argued the dog is under “direct control.”

I witness, on a daily basis, dogs off leash crapping in Centennial Park or digging up the park’s plantings, or barking or snapping at children and parents, etc..

The situation is out of control, and, before someone is seriously injured, I believe it is time to put a “leash law” into effect for the Ganges area.

This is a link to the Community Discussion group…I’ve done a search of the group posts with “dog” in it, and it gives you a good idea of the state of affairs –

Rather than trying to amend the existing CRD bylaw, I’ve done an amended version which would be specific to Salt Spring, designating an area around Ganges as a “leash area.”

While the bylaw duplicates most of what is already in the existing bylaw, it is likely the easiest way to get the bylaw through the CRD, by making it Salt Spring specific.

All commercial businesses, and the vast majority of the public, including the schools, would applaud you for making this a reality, and, it would give bylaw enforcement a greater ability to get the situation under control.

Give me a call when you have a minute to discuss.