An Election Time Miracle…

Well bless my soul…a CRD miracle has occurred now that tourist season is over, and coincidentally just weeks before the election.

The CRD waterfront gazebo, which has been a public disgrace since the last election, has just been replaced…without its top…but that’s better than what it looked like.

Here’s what it looked like 4 years ago…

Here it is earlier this year after they chopped off the roof.

And here it is as of a couple of days ago….

4 years to repair one of the waterfront feature spots in Ganges….

Now, will it take another 4 years to complete the 34 year old Boardwalk, or are we going to elect someone who will make the Boardwalk a priority and keep it a priority until its done?

Asking for a community that is ashamed of inaction in public office…

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