In Search of the Perfect Politician

The title is of course click bait, since there is no “perfect politician.”

There are, however, people who aspire to be the best representative of the people they can be.

They are usually independent, and, if they are new to the arena, are likely, as I was, somewhat naïve to the way government works.

The learning curve for an elected representative can be steep unless they receive guidance from colleagues or those who with experience.

All of that having been said, here is my top ten list of what makes a good local politician:

1. Have a vision for your community,

2. Express the vision clearly, and if elected, stick to the vision,

3. Always remember who you work for, and treat their money (taxes) as if it were your own,

4. Be solution oriented…for every problem there is a solution,

5. Do not be afraid to say what you think,

6. Remember, if elected, you were elected to lead, not follow, your electorate,

7. Think of what you are going to say, before the words pass your lips,

8. Listen to people more than talk, your job is to accumulate information upon which decisions are made,

9. Stand firm, in the face of opposition, if you believe the decision you are making is the right decision,

10. Don’t unnecessarily delay any decision to be made…delays only create disharmony of opinions.

On October 15th, this Saturday, vote for those who you think can best aspire to being the perfect politician.

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