This website contains the views and opinions of former Islands Trust Trustee for Salt Spring Island, Eric Booth.

Eric was born and raised on Salt Spring and has spent all but about 6 years living here. In 2002 he ran for both CRD Director and Trustee, and, was elected as an Islands Trustee.  He is a strong believer in the incorporation of Salt Spring Island, and, contrary to what many may have alleged, he is a supporter of the Preserve and Protect mandate of the Islands Trust. However, he believes that mandate includes human beings in the definition of natural environment.

He fought hard for tax equity for Salt Spring at Trust Council and was stonewalled. He has been a vocal advocate for community housing on the island, and helped establish the Affordable Housing Task force and supported the rezoning of the Horel Road (withdrawn), Murakami Gardens (successful) and Norton Road (pending) affordable housing proposals.

Eric was one of the co-founders of the Salt Spring Dollars project ( http://www.saltspringdollars.com/), and, was one of the creative forces behind the Salt Spring Flag ( http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ca-bc-ss.html ) and the “Sensational Salt Spring Island” license plate stickers you see on vehicles on Salt Spring.

He has been a property developer and real estate broker since the late 1980’s.

Many will know Eric for his many “letters to the editor,” usually political in nature. He has been described by one person (who really couldn’t understand why), as someone you evidently either really like, or really dislike.  The same could likely be said about any columnist not afraid to speak their mind.

He is also well known also for his acting talents – particularly his many years playing Ebenezer Scrooge. His latest role, as the Narrator,  in the Rocky Horror Show, was played to standing room only sold out shows in the summer of 2010… a very “boring” performance enjoyed by most.🙄

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